Gold for Everyone!
That is our goal

Thanks to long-term sustainable and highly profitable mining, we offer a simple and efficient way to purchase gold.


Use the opportunity of high discounts and returns on every certified gold you purchase, while supporting long-term sustainable mining in Guyana.

Thanks to a worldwide exclusive contract between GGMT GmbH & Aulicio Mining Inc, this unique opportunity is available to everyone.

It is a huge potential opportunity, as Aulicio Mining Inc. owns several thousand hectares of land where rich deposits of precious metals have been confirmed.

Different delivery times allow our customers to purchase gold in a flexible and planned manner. Thanks to these purchases, other research groups, able to mine gold virtually indefinitely, are emerging. Raw gold is being sold in Guyana and with these funds, certified gold is subsequently purchased in Austria. GGMT GmbH will deliver this gold to its customers within agreed delivery time. With such targeted purchasing, up to 50% discount and additional returns are available through the Aulicio Mining Inc.’s product “Right to Gold”.

Process of gold purchase

Our motto is “Gold for Everyone”. We offer our customers an option that would not be possible in traditional gold purchase.

1. When ordering, you choose the discount rate.

2. Raw gold will be mined by our partner in Guyana.

3. Gold will be sold in Guyana.

4. Aulicio Mining Inc. will purchase 999.99 pure gold in Europe and deliver it to GGMT GmbH.

5. You will be notified by email 14 days prior to delivery.

6. Your gold will be ready for you.

7. Your gold will be delivered to you.

Certified Gold

Secure your future with smart gold purchase from GGMT GmbH.

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