Our trade is worth gold. Thanks to the cooperation with gold mines, we can provide our customers with unique advantages when buying gold. The process of cooperation and business is simple. A customer orders and buys any amount of gold from us. GGMT then purchases the ordered goods for the customer from our contractual partner mines.

With this purchase, the gold mines support the development and expansion of exploration and mining activities. In the case of the gold mine in Guyana, Aulicio sells the raw gold directly to the state, which earns seven percent in taxes.

With the transaction proceeds, our partner company Aulicio Mining Inc. buys fine gold in Europe and delivers it to GGMT in accordance with the contract.

This means that the customer does not obtain the mined, raw gold directly from Guyana, but already fine gold, which is certified in Austria, Germany or Switzerland, for example. Finally and most importantly, our customer gets their gold.

6 STEPS TO GOLD. A detailed course of our trade process:

  • You order gold from GGMT with the opportunity to choose from four attractive offers.
  • Our partner mines extract raw gold during the agreed delivery time.
  • The extracted raw gold (AULICIO) is either sold or delivered to a smelter for further processing. The raw gold (GoldCrest/HAPIsource) goes directly to the Gold Crest smelter.
  • After these processes, GGMT receives the 999.9 fine gold directly from AULICIO & Gold Crest/HAPIsource and delivers it to the customer.
  • GGMT will notify you in writing or by e-mail 14 days prior to delivery.
  • We deliver your gold.
Each customer will receive certified fine gold (999.99). The secret of success lies in the purchase of goods with deferred payment. The purchase contract in line with the Austrian contract law and guaranteed delivery of the goods serve as security.

Growth of gold mine partners

The more capital invested in mining, the better the conditions. For example, the cooperation between GGMT and Aulicio Mining Inc. with the gold mine in South America has been developing since 2018.

Over the years, a remarkable infrastructure has been built in the South American rainforest. Dozens of employees, Caterpillar machinery, modern washing facilities, safety staff. Step by step, the original mining camp grew into a high-tech production facility. Today, Aulicio Mining Inc. based in Georgetown, Guyana, is an association of specialists in the fields of precious metals, mining and project management. The mine is located on an area spanning across approximately 40,000 hectares. Thanks to artificial lighting, operations now run round the clock, even at night.

Humanity and natural resources

Our goals in sustainability guarantee conscious handling of both human and natural resources. The mine workers work under the best possible conditions. What makes our mining sites exceptional? On a global average, the proportion of gold in the rock is 3 to 4 grams per tonne of soil. In the case of our partner mines, the value is significantly higher. The greatest advantage is the cost-effective mining, as the precious metal is usually mined from a depth of up to eight metres. The estimated total value of the gold in the mining areas of our partner mines is several billion euros, guaranteeing a sufficient supply.

Golden age

Since 2018, GGMT has been cultivating a confident cooperation with Aulicio Mining Inc. Based on the successful development, GGMT has now been able to conclude an exclusive contract with their second partner gold mine in Sierra Leone, Africa. This site is considered one of the largest bauxite mines in the world. In addition, diamonds and gold are mined here with the help of about 600 workers.

For the gold market, GGMT is an undoubted partner in Europe. As a matter of fact, one percent of the annual turnover in Sierra Leone (Africa) goes to local charity projects.
Aulicio supports the costruction of schools and hospitals. Helping people is extremely important to everyone involved. Sustainability is more than just a word here. It is a promise.

Secure your brilliant advantage.


  • The word gold comes from the word geoul and means yellow.
  • Gold is an extremely rare precious metal. To put things in perspective, the amount of steel produced every hour is greater than the amount of gold that has ever been mined from the earth.
  • Scientists believe that 80% of the gold reserves on our planet have not been found or mined yet.
  • Certain uses of gold are said to help fight rheumatism.
  • The largest piece of natural gold weighed more than 60 kilograms and was discovered in Australia by gold diggers John Deason and Richard Oates in the middle of the 19th century.
  • The first gold medals at the Olympic Games were made of solid gold. Today, gold medals are only gilded with 6 grams of gold.
  • The Bible mentions gold more than 400 times.
  • One of the most valuable gold coins is the gold investment coin of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with a purity of 999.9 / 1000 Au from 2004.
  •  India is the largest consumer of gold in the world.
  • The earliest gold coins were made around 540 BC.
  • Gold is the most formable and flexible metal on earth. As it does not combine with any other element, it never loses its luster. Iron rusts, silver oxidizes, but gold can survive essentially unchanged for thousands of years.

Menschlichkeit and Bodenschätze

Das Nachhaltigkeitsgebot sorgt für einen bewussten Umgang mit Mensch und Natur. Für die indigenen Arbeiter wurden Schulen und ein Krankenhaus gebaut. Sie arbeiten unter besten Bedingungen. Was Guayana besonders macht: Im weltweiten Durchschnitt stößt man auf 3 bis 4 Gramm Gold pro Tonne Erdreich. In Guayana ist der Wert um einiges höher als der Durchschnittswert auf der Welt. Der größte Vorteil ist der kostengünstige Abbau, da das Edelmetall aus nur acht Meter Tiefe an die Oberfläche gehoben wird. In den Schürfgebieten der Aulicio Mining Inc. liegt Gold im geschätzten Gesamtwert von mehreren Milliarden Euro. Für genügend Nachschub ist also gesorgt.

Goldenes Zeitalter

Aufgrund der Erfolgsgeschichte konnte GGMT nun auch einen Exklusivvertrag mit einer zweiten Goldmine abschließen, in Sierra Leone in Afrika. Der Standort gilt als die größte Bauxitmine der Welt, auch Diamanten und Gold werden dort von rund 600 Mitarbeitern gewonnen. Für den Goldmarkt ist GGMT der logische Partner in Europa. Übrigens fließt ein Prozent des Jahresumsatzes in karitative Projekte vor Ort. Die Menschen zu unterstützen, ist uns wichtig. Nachhaltigkeit, mehr als nur ein Wort. Sondern ein Versprechen.
Sichern Sie sich Ihren glänzenden Vorteil.